Thermoformable Splints

Fast and Efficient Splints

  • Depending on size, splints are fully moldable in 3-5 minutes, becoming hand-off rigid in 4 minutes.  Because extra steps are eliminated, Caerus Splints provide a splinting solution in half the time of traditional splinting.
  • Clean, Dry Application
  • Using dry heat Caerus Splints eliminate the mess and moisture associated with plaster and fiberglass.
  • Lightweight
  • Caerus Splints are lightweight, enhancing patient comfort.
  • Open-Cell Foam Padding
  • Eliminate the need for cast padding with the pre-padded open-cell foam option. Enhances patient comfort and increases application efficiency.
  • Easy Trimming
  • Sharp edges are eliminated with precut design.  When heated, splints can easily be cut and shaped to create the ideal form and fit.


Caerus Splints are radiolucent, eliminating the need to remove the support for X-ray imaging.