How to measure for a ready-to-fit stifle brace

Measure the circumference of the thigh, half-way between the Groin and Knee joint line

Measure the OUTSIDE of the leg, from the head of the fibula (this is the bump just below the knee joint) to above the hock, before the curvature.


Performance Ready-to-fit stifle brace, measurement guide


Thigh Circumference

Tibia Length



20cm to 33cm

13cm to 20cm

7.87 – 13”

5 - 8"


22cm to 45.5cm

14cm to 24 cm

8.66 – 18”

5.50 - 9.50"

Brace Size

Dog Weight Range

Example Types

Extra Small

10 to 25 lbs,    4.54 to 11.34 kg

ShihTzu, Pug


25 to 40 lbs,  11.34 to 18.14 kg

Whippet, Shetland Sheepdog


40 to 65 lbs,  18.14 to 29.48 kg

Boxer, Bull Dog, Cocker Spaniel, Australian Sheppard, Greyhound


65 to 90 lbs,  29.48 to 40.82 kg

Labrador, German Sheppard, Doberman, Husky, Border Collie

Extra Large

90 lbs +          40.82 kg +

Great Dane, St. Bernard, Weirmaraner, Bernese Mountain Dog