New Zealand

Animal Physio New Zealand (Christchurch)

  • Elena Saltis is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and NZ Registered Physiotherapist
  • Elena and her team have been trained on the correct measurement, fitting and application of our brands
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Animal Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Waikato)

  • Kirsten Gollan is an Animal Physiotherapist who specialises in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and pulsed electromagnetic therapy
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VSA Advanced Veterinary Care (Auckland)

  • Sarah Cruickshank is the Director of VSA and a Veterinary Physiotherapist. Sarah leads a team of rehab professionals, trained in the measurement, fitting and appropriate use of our brands
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Total Physiotherapy (Pukekohe)

  • Becky Onyett is a veterinary physiotherapist 
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