Preferred Provider Programme

We partner with Canine Rehabilitation Specialists, because we believe that the three critical pillars for successful rehabilitation outcomes are:

  1. The right diagnosis
  2. The right rehabilitation programme
  3. The right rehab solution (such as a brace, splint, pain management or prosthetic etc.)

To ensure that our rehab solutions and products are used under the correct diagnosis and rehab programme, we partner with and train Preferred Providers, who are suitably qualified and trained on the correct selection, measurement, fitting and use of our brands.

As a Preferred Provider you qualify for the following:

  • Training on the appropriate selection, measurement and use of our brands
  • Preferential pricing
  • Patient Referrals from pet owners who approach us on line - one consultation may lead to a lifetime of care
  • Patient Referrals for services requested by pet owners on line, such as measuring for a brace, fitting a brace, splinting or casting for a custom brace.
  • Ongoing support and after sales service of our brands