EMBrace Hock Brace

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Our Hock EMbrace is the solution for dogs suffering from limited mobility following injuries to the Hock (Achilles) joint. This breathable compression wrap, made with material similar to neoprene, provides stability and support to your dog's rear legs without compromising flexibility.  It is used to help dogs heal from joint injuries resulting from trauma or in older dogs with arthritic conditions.  It is an excellent option for dogs in need of added support while maintaining an active life.


  • Hock (Achilles) Ligament sprains (Most Common use)
  • Post-Surgical and/or post injury recovery
  • Hock (Achilles) Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
  • Ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue injuries and fractures
  • Wound management – Protection for bandages applies post surgery or injury


  • Provides functional, active support during rehabilitation after injury or surgery
  • Decreases healing time and decreases cost
  • Allows the return to improved activity level
  • Allows easier wound inspection
  • Relieves stresses on contra-lateral limb


Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. Remove all metal stays before washing

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