Thermoformable splints

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CAERUS Splints with Padding

Caerus Splints are indicated for immobilization of acute fractures and soft tissue trauma. Previously introduced to the human orthopedic market, this innovative product is now available to the veterinary field as a revolutionary solution to the hassle, waste and mess of traditional splinting methods.


    • Fracture management
    • Immediate Post-Op Recovery and post injury recovery
    • Wound management
    • Ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue injuries


    • Splints are fully moldable in 3-5 minutes, becoming hands-off rigid in 4 minutes
    • Because extra steps are eliminated, Caerus Splints provide a splinting solution in half the time compared to traditional splinting and casting


    • Heated in Microwave wrapped in moist paper towel for 30 seconds to one minute, splints readily conform to the pet’s limb
    • Radiolucent, saving time by not having to remove the splint
    • Cushioning medical grade foam eases pressure on affected areas
    • Made in the USA
    • Removable
    • Six Month Warranty


  • Proprietary thermoplastic material is designed to be heated at low temperatures and formed into the desired conforming shape
  • Caerus Splints eliminate the mess and moisture associated with plaster and fiberglass


Replace foam padding when soiled or wet


  • Splint Material: low-temperature thermoformable plastic
  • Foam Padding:  open-cell polyethylene foam

Fast and Efficient Splints

  • Depending on size, splints are fully moldable in 3-5 minutes, becoming hand-off rigid in 4 minutes.  Because extra steps are eliminated, Caerus Splints provide a splinting solution in half the time of traditional splinting.
  • Clean, Dry Application
  • Using dry heat Caerus Splints eliminate the mess and moisture associated with plaster and fibreglass
  • Lightweight
  • Caerus Splints are lightweight, enhancing patient comfort.
  • Open-Cell Foam Padding
  • Eliminate the need for cast padding with the pre-padded open-cell foam option. Enhances patient comfort and increases application efficiency.
  • Easy Trimming
  • Sharp edges are eliminated with precut design.  When heated, splints can easily be cut and shaped to create the ideal form and fit.


Caerus Splints are radiolucent, eliminating the need to remove the support for X-ray imaging.


Q. How are the Splints heated for molding?

A. There are several options; An oven, set to 200 Degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius) for 2 to 3 minutes, Microwave wrapped in damp paper towel for 20-30 Seconds, Hair Dryer until pliable.

Q. What sizes are available and how many per package?

A. Basic sizes with Padding include: 2”x 10”, 3” x 12”, 4”x 13” and 5” x 13”, come in singles or 5 x per pack.

Q. The Splints appear to be more expensive compared to plaster or fiberglass.  Why choose Caerus Splints?

A. It all starts with the efficiency gained with time-saving and mess-free application.  Splints can be removed to replace soiled padding or reheated and spot molded for optimal fit.  Best of all, the splints stay in place during X-ray imaging

Splints direct from heater to patient

  • Apply over accompanying Caerus Padding
  • No stockinet or cast padding required
  • Warm, soothing and comfortable
  • Easy, fast, clean application
  • Conformable to patients anatomy
  • Simple adjustments for pressure points
  • Re-formable with heat gun or hairdryer
  • Application Complete
  • Hardens in 3-5 minutes
  • 50% lighter than plaster
  • 25% lighter than fiberglass
  • Greater patient comfort
Completely moldable in 3-5 minutes
  • Hardens in LESS THAN FIVE minutes
  • Removable for adjustments or examination
  • Re-moldable with heater or blow dryer
  • Replacement foam to maintain good hygiene
  • Time and money-saving advantages
  • Eliminates the mess, fuss and hassle of traditional plaster or fiberglass splinting

No noise, no fear, no fuss, no mess

Greater patient comfort

Superior Radiolucency

  • Caerus Splinting technology allows X-rays to be taken without removal of the splint, eliminating the hassle and potential aggravation
  • The need for re-casting is eliminated when performing clinical assessment of fracture healing
Caerus Padded Splints
  • 9 sizes
  • singles or 5 per package
  • Easy to follow instructions on package label
  • Patented!

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